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Lon Safko On PBS Television


Lon Takes Sri Lanka By Storm!

Sri Lanka Billboard I just returned from my Asia / India tour and it was amazing.  Teaching executives in Bangkok, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Colombo, Sri Lanka Fusion Marketing was SO rewarding!  I arrived in Coolombo the day after Cyclone Roanu devastated the country and city.  several hundred last their lives, there was extensive flooding, and even landslides.  On a brighter note, on the way to the resort while driving through Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, my driver simply said “Billboard” and pointed out the window.  I didn’t realize what he meant until we were adjacent to it!  He meant “BILLBOARD!”  I was on the billboard in the capital of Sri Lanka!  How cool is that!

The Social Media Bible Has Broken The $2m Retail Sales Mark!

TSMB3 Cover Right Sm 72 Lon’s Amazon #1 best selling book, The Social Media Bible, Published by John WIley & Sons, now in its’ Third Edition and Five Languages has broken the $2million retail sales mark.  My 750 page business book on how to use social media is the only book ever to tackle the ENTIRE genre of social media marketing!  This isn’t Facebook for Dummies, or LikedIn for Idiots, or Twitter For Morons, this is everything you need to know including an entire section on my Five Part Strategy for implementation!

Learn More!

Lon Presents For Tony Robbins Business Mastery!

Tony_Robbins_Image Lon was honored when Chad Cooper of Team Tony with Tony Robbins asked Lon to present Fusion Marketing to their Business Mastery group recently.  This was a exciting and interactive exchange of ideas and resonated with the group.  To view this webinar, below is a special invitation.

A Special Invitation To View The Tony Robbins Webinar!

Lon Teaches Two More Amazing Executive Classes In India!

ISB Class of 11-15 Lon just had the opportunity to teach two more executive classes in India!  The first class was taught at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, now rated the third best business school in the world!  This is Lon’s 6th time teaching his Fusion Marketing Masterclass to India’s top executives from as far away as Sri Lanka and Oman.  Lon also had the honor of working with the top executives of one of India’s largest and fastest growing financial institution in India; Indiabulls in Mumbai. What an amazing experience!

Lon Keynote At Marketing Rockstars To 2,000 Attendees In Austria!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.20.21 PM Lon just returned from Europe where he spoke at the second annual Marketing Rockstars Festival in Graz, Austria where they had an attendance of nearly 2,000!  There were 60+ speakers from The New York Times, Starbucks, Yelp, Ben & Jerry’s, Google, Jägermeister, and many other famous international brands.  Really…  If you are into the very cutting edge of international marketing, the Marketing Rockstars Festival is where you want to be next May!

Learn More!

Fusion Marketing Has Taken Georgia!

Ron Simmons Dede Gossage SBA DeDe Gossage and Ron Simmons of the Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has designed the “Digital Marketing Boot Camp” which is based on my bestselling book, “The Fusion Marketing Bible”.   These full-day, interactive training sessions  have been specifically for small business owners who want to learn how to integrate technology and marketing in the digital space to increase profits and gain customers.  This amazing team of professionals has taught Fusion Marketing at in cities around the state to more than 900 small business owners! Learn More!

Lon Launches His World Tour!

Globe My Q1 & Q2, 2015 world lecture tour will take me to such exotic places as Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, India, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, and finish in beautiful Graz, Austria.  I will be presenting Fusion Marketing, My PBS Television Special content, “Social Media & You… Communicating In A Digital World”, and going back to my roots, Innovative Thinking!  If any of my friends are from or near those locations, please let me know by selecting “Contact” from the menu and send me an email!  Let’s get together!

Lon Returns From Teaching In India!

060114 Indian School of Business Class

For his second trip around the world in six weeks, Lon went to Hyderabad, India to teach advanced marketing at The Indian School of Business.  There were 32 top executives from the entire region from Sri Lanka to Mumbai.  This was a three day excelerated  Master Class in Advanced Marketing, which included the latest in Traditional marketing, digital, media, and Lon’s new form of marketing, Fusion Marketing.  For more images and feedback on the class click here!

For a larger view of the class photo, just click the image!

Lon’s Cartoon Explains Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working!

Fractured Media Image Watch Lon’s cartoon on YouTube that explains why your marketing simply isn’t working!If you have all but abandoned traditional media and have been focusing on social media marketing, maybe it isn’t WHAT you’re doing as much as it’s that using only one set of marketing tools isn’t enough.  Traditional marketing has worked for 100’s of years and now social media has made traditional marketing antiquated and ineffective.  Are you not seeing the ROI (Return on Investment) on all of your social media marketing? Check out this 3 minute cartoon! Click Here!

Lon Returns From Asia Lecture & Book Tour!

Aisa Collage

Lon just returned from his 2nd world tour, which included Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, China, and Dubai in the Arab Emirates where he lectured to executives of some of the world’s largest corporations on traditional marketing, digital marketing, and of course, Fusion Marketing.  Lon said the most interesting part of this lecture tour was teaching “social media” to executives in a communist country (China)!  He went on to say that using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as examples were useless when all of these (western) social platforms are blocked in China.  He stated that he had to clarify; “This is what the rest of the world is using, but it works the same way!” in all of his presentations.  Web sites like Sina Weibo (Twitter-like) with 54m members, Renren (Facebook-like) with 54m members, Ozone (Facebook-like) with 629m members, and Weixen (WhatsApp-like), with 236m members carry a lot of marketing weight in China!  Also WhatsApp is crushing it in Asia!  It’s more popular than Facebook!

Lon’s Public Television Special Premieres!

PBS Michael Dixon And Lon Safko

On March 6th, Lon’s Public Television Special “Social Media & You… Communicating In A Digital World” premiered on KAET PBS AZ Television with rave reviews!  This television special has been called “Historic Television”!

The television special premiered on PBS AZ KEAT, but for the first time ever, it previewed and broadcasted world wide on Facebook using the 22Social app.  This was the first time a traditional media television had been a pre-cast on the same night where it could be directly compared to Facebook, the new marketing; Social Media.  Lon and his team are currently developing a “game changing” industry white paper report that will directly compare and analyze the same exact content marketed on traditional media television and social media Facebook.

If you would like to receive a copy of this report, select “Get Access” from the top right corner of this page and you will be notified when it’s completed!  For more information on the PBS Television Special, click here!

Lon’s Public Television Special Gets A Green Light!


KAET PBS Television digitally recorded Lon in the production of the world’s first television special on social media marketing.  The show is called “Social Media & You…  Communicating In A Digital World”.  This show was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the KAET Arizona PBS affiliate in the beautiful new ASU building, which also houses the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcasting.  This show has been called “historic television” as it is the first time anyone has told the story of the most disruptive technology we have seen in our lifetimes.  Lon is proud to have been given the privilege to tell that story!

March 6th Facebook Premiere at 8:00 PM MST and the Arizona KAET PBS Television Premiere at 10:30 PM MST.

Social Media & You…  Communicating In A Digital World Social media is much more than having a Facebook page and sending a few tweets. It is about understanding all of the available tools and knowing which ones to use and how to use them most effectively. It’s about understanding terms such as “the fundamental shift in power”, “link love”, “Google Juice” and “What the SEO advantages are to blogging?”. It’s about using QR codes and mobile marketing, “segmenting”, and “day parting” to achieve a 35% email conversion rate. It’s about in-game advertising, virtual worlds, and video marketing.  It’s a lot more than you ever thought! Join Public Television and Lon Safko, the author of the best-selling book The Social Media Bible and get a completely different perspective on the digital world of communication

This historic television special will premiere on PBS AZ KEAT on March 6th and will also be broadcasted on Facebook and G+!  More details to and teaser clips, click here!

The Fusion Marketing Bible Hits The Streets of Beijing!

TFMB Both Covers

Lon’s newest bestselling book, “The Fusion Marketing Bible” hit the streets today in English and Short and Long Form Chinese!  The Chinese said…

TFMB Long Chinese(Traditional or Long Form Chinese) or…

TFMB Short Chinese (Simplified or Short form Chinese), or…

“The Fusion Marketing Bible takes social media beyond its limits and shows you how to leverage all of your marketing without spending a yen more!”

Tour in Italy!

Italian Workbook Cover

Lon recently returned from a speaking tour of Italy where he spoke to top executives from all around Italy about social media, digital marketing, and his newest concept; Fusion Marketing.

World Tour Complete!


Lon is off on his book world tour and presentation series.  Lon is literally leaving to the west from LA (Kuala Lumpur and Singapore) and returning from the east through New York (Dubai), completely circumnavigating the globe!

Lon will be visiting a number of countries around the world where he will be doing public book signings and topic presentations on his two bestselling books; The Social Media Bible and his latest book; The Fusion Marketing Bible. Lon is also presenting his Fusion Marketing Master Class, two-day workshops in selected cites.  Here is the press release: http://bit.ly/10YPKFC 

Check out photos of the classes!  https://www.facebook.com/Kexxel

 “The Fusion Marketing Bible” Sells Out At SXSW!


Lon’s bestselling book, The Fusion Marketing Bible, which hit #3 on Amazon, sold out of the SXSW (South By Southwest) bookstore during this year’s event as reported by publisher, McGraw Hill.  SXSW is annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, Texas that includes bands, films, and the most innovative marketing presentations of any event worldwide.  It was estimated that SXSW exceeded 25,000 attendees this year!

The Fusion Marketing Bible

“The Social Media Bible” Published In Short Form Chinese!

Chinese Flag

Lon’s bestselling book, The Social Media Bible, now in its Third Edition and four different languages; English, Spanish, Korean, and Long Form (Traditional) Chinese  is now being translated in Chinese!  Lon’s previous bestseller, The Social Media Bible has been translated and distributed in four different languages and now TFMB is going to China!

Books on social media, and free enterprise translated into Chinese still seems weird, but cool!

The Social Media Bible

“The Social Media Bible” Nears $1,000,000 In Retail Sales!

Lon newest bestselling book, The Fusion Marketing Bible is now being translated in Chinese!  Lon’s previous bestseller, The Social Media Bible has been translated and distributed in four different languages and now TFMB is going to China!

Do books on digital media, social media, and free enterprise in China seem like an oxymoron to anyone else?

The Fusion Marketing Bible

Teaching Academy For Fusion Marketing!

Lon did it again!  He’s created still another entity; The Fusion Marketing Academy   If you want to learn how to earn 10x your marketing return on investment without spending a cent more…  If you want to have a competitive marketing advantage over your competition…  If you want to make a name for yourself within your marketing organization…  Or, if you want to provide amazing consulting services that no one else can…  Then you owe it to yourself to check out The Fusion Marketing Academy!

Lon formed The Fusion Marketing Academy as per request of so many people in Lon’s presentations asking to learn more and to be personally trained in Fusion Marketing. When asked, Lon said, “This way I can help more people at one time achieve their marketing goals and increase revenue.”  Check out…  The Fusion Marketing Academy

Lon Forms Five Star Speakers!

Lon came up with another entirely new concept for working with speaker’s bureaus…  Eliminate the the bureaus!  Lon was always concerned and confused that there had to be an intermediary between the professional keynote speaker / trainer and the end client.  So, Lon founded Five Star Speakers!  Five star speakers is a speakers bureau by the speakers and for speakers.  At Five Star Speakers you have access to the world’s leading keynote speakers; directly, without the middle, man!  Five Star Speakers is a partnership between Lon and other famous keynote speakers such as Eric Qualman, “Socialnomics”, Dave Kerpen “Likeable Social Media”, Jamie Turner “Go Mobile”, Chuck Martin “The Third Screen”, Phyllis Khare “Social Media Marketing For Dummies”, Andrea Vahl “Facebook Marketing For Dummies”, and Adam Metz “The Social Customer”.

Visit Five Star Speakers where you can connect directly with the most sought after keynote speakers today!

Five Star Speakers

Fusion Marketing Bible Is Going To China!

Lon newest bestselling book, The Fusion Marketing Bible is now being translated in Chinese!  Lon’s previous bestseller, The Social Media Bible has been translated and distributed in four different languages and now TFMB is going to China

The Fusion Marketing Bible

Fusion Marketing Bible Hit #3 on Amazon’s Besteller list!

The Fusion Marketing Bible hit #3 on Amazon in both their Marketing and Business Categories the fist week of its release!  Thank you everyone for helping make this book a success!  Be sure to select “Get Access” from above to get your free Safko Wheel Marketing Toolkit!

The Fusion Marketing Bible

Lon Is Now In Guinness Book Of World Records!

Susan Baroncini-Moe’s has succeeded in Guinness World Record – breaking event! At 9:00 EDT, Thursday June 27th Lon and more than two dozen authors and speakers, presented in this 36 hour continuous live webcast!

Susan hosted a massive, business and marketing extravaganza at her site, BreakARecordWithSusan.com and brought in some of the biggest, well-known names in business, marketing, and personal growth.

The full program included presentations, panel discussions, interviews, and live trainings that went throughout the night. It’ was a spectacular event, and they broke the record!

See The Guinness Book Entry!

Fusion Marketing Is Now Patent Pending

Lon was notified that his newest invention, Fusion Marketing and The Safko Wheel Marketing Toolkit has been accepted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as patent pending.  When approved, this patent will be Lon’s fourth U.S. Patent.

“Fusion Marketing” Launches September!

The Fusion Marketing Bible (FUSE!) – IT’S WHAT’S NEXT!
Traditional Marketing + Digital Marketing + Social Media Marketing = Fusion Marketing
If you are still calling yourself a “Social Media Expert” then you’re announcing to the world that you have been left behind.  If you’re an expert in Facebook and Twitter, then you’re trying to build a house restricted to using only two tools.  Social media is an amazing marketing tool set that’s been for the past 5+ years, take it from me, I wrote the book on it!  If you’re still stuck looking at social media as a stand alone technology, then you’ve been left behind.  More…

Webinar For SCORE Reaches Nearly 2,000 Participants

Lon recently performed a five-part webinar series for SCORE, the small business government mentoring agency out of Washington, D.C. and at each webinar, and topped out at nearly 2,000 participants.  This is the largest single webinar attendee count that Lon has had to date!


Internationally Best Selling Book Launches April 11th!

Lon’s internationally best selling book, The Social Media Bible published by John Wiley & Sons, is now in it’s Third Edition is now available!The book is new, improved, and streamlined with a QR Barcode to a video introduction at the start of every chapter where I tell you what’s important in that chapter and even some tips that are in the text!I have eliminated the Second Part Guide as most everyone either knows the companies by now or knows how to Google them.  I did this to make room for more content about apps, mobile marketing, Facebook, and a lot more.  I also added international social media success stories in every chapter.

Lon Signs Two Book Deals In One Day!

TFMB Cover Right 72 SM Lon signed two new book deals with Publishers John Wiley & Sons and McGraw Hill Publishing in one day.  An agreements was signed with John Wiley for the Third Edition of Lon’s International Best Seller “The Social Media Bible” now available worldwide in English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. Don’t worry about buying the current version, the Third Edition will not be out until summer of 2012.   More…

Lon’s Latest Book Tour Takes Him To Austin, New York, New England, & The Netherlands

Lon has been traveling speaking and promoting his two newest books; “The Social Media Bible, Third Edition” and “FUSE!, Fusion Media Marketing” throughout New England, the southwest and Lon is heading off for Holland.  Lon has been asked to tour the universities of the Netherlands and present his thoughts on Social Media, his newest concept; Fusion Media Marketing, and the future of the social enterprise.

Lon Is Interviewed By Money Magazine and Fox Business News!

Lon was interviewed by three great news agencies in the same week!  Money Magazine wanted to know how the combination of social media and Facebook would help small businesses.  Fox Business News wanted Lon to explain the best practices for university students with “What College Freshmen and Seniors Need to Know About Social Networking”.  And, Entrepreneur Magazine asked Lon how Entrepreneurs can use social media to grow their businesses!Be sure to check our Money Magazine’s November editions and Fox Business News web site now!Fox Business News Article

Lon Performs Webinar Series For SCORE And Tops 1,900+

Lon’s partnership with SCORE, Service Core Of Retired Executives out of Washington, D.C. resulted in Lon presenting a five webinar series on traditionionl media, social media, digital media and his newest book TraDigital Media, and generated more than 1,900 registrations for his most recent webinar!

The Social Media Bible Hits #1 On Amazon’s Business And Marketing Categories


OMG! The Social Media Bible is now available in China!  I just got my copy from Beijing!WOW!  An 800+ page book on social media being distributed in China!  I’m sure this is going to be worth a few blogs!  I’ll Keep you posted!This now makes The Social Media Bible published in five different languages!  Way cool!(I hope I translated the title above correctly?!)

The First Tweetinar – The Big Picture

I love performing seminars all over the country.  I do 1/2 day seminars, full day seminars and even 2 day seminars on Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Creative Thinking, and Innovation.  I also love social media, especially Twitter.  So I thought…What if I combined the two?  What if I took all the great content I had from my social media seminars and sent them out as a continuous stream of tweets?  So I did!Read More…

The Social Media Bible, Launches In Korea!

The Social Media Bible is now available in Korea! South, I think?

Lon’s Book Published In Four Languages!

Lon’s newest best selling book is now published in 4 languages!  It is now available in English, German, Portuguese, and now Korean!

Lon Launches His 7th Best Selling Book

Lon  launched his 7th best selling book, the squeal to his Amazon #2 Best Selling Book, The Social Media Bible, Second Edition published by John Wiley & Sons and it hit #1 on Amazon in its category!  This 800 page tome is actually three books in one; a book on social media tactics, a second book on tools, and a third book on strategy based on Lon’s “Five Steps To Social Media Success”.And…  It hit #1 on Amazon in its category!Read More…

Lon Is Awarded His 3rd Patent

Lon was awarded his third United States Patent for Three-Dimensional Internet Advertising.

Lon Is Interviewed By Inc. Magazine

Lon was interviewed for an article in Inc. Magazine that appeared recently and was very well written article by J.J. McCorvey, titled “How to Use Social Networking Sites to Drive Business“.  If you want to learn more about how to use social networks for business, this is a great place to start!Read More..

Lon Is Awarded Another Patent

Lon was awarded another patent for his concept of “Virtual Electronic Retailing” and “Three Dimensional Internet Advertising” by the Uuited States Patent and Trademark Office.  This was another major advance for Lon to allow Lon to enforce his patented intellectual property in the face of nearly every Fortune 1,000 Company distributing in violation of his patent.Read More..

Lon Is Appointed First Ambassador To SCORE

SCORE_logo Lon was recently appointed as it’s first Ambassador to the government agency SCORE whose charter is Counselors To Americas Businesses.  The Ambassador position is something new to the over half century organization.   Previously known as The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) they provide free resources and expertise to maximize the success of existing and emerging small businesses.  SCORE is the result of The Small Business Act that was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created at that time as the law said the federal government “should aid, counsel, assist and project the interests of small business.”

 Lon Saves Betsy Ross To Our History Books

That’s right!  Lon actually saved Betsy Ross, the acclaimed seamstress who allegedly created our first American flag to our history books forever.  As with all stories of rescue, no one individual can be responsible for the entire adventure. My adventure starts at the age of 4, back in the city of Yonkers, New York and spans two centuries.  While taking a short cut along the Hudson River on my way back to my hotel returning from a meeting in New York, I past an old building lurking on my right. As I passed this structure, I had a flashback, a glimpse of a fleeting memory. This glimpse was similar to the level of recall you have when waking after a deep sleep and struggle to recall your dream, by grabbing little bits and pieces of wisps’ of thought here and a mental image there…  Lon tells the story of how a chance meeting lead to this amazing outcome.Lon’s book, “Gratuitous Serendipity” is available on Amazon where you can read all of Lon’s amazing stories or you can read the story here!

Lon Donates His Mac Plus To The Walter Cronkite School Of Journalism

Lon Safko Named To USA Today Advisory Panel

usa-tdoay-logo Lon Safkohas been selected to join the CEO Panel of USA Today, Washington, D.C. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJune 12, 2009 – Based on Lon’s leadership in the development of cutting-edge Technology And Internet Marketing, Lon Safko, CEO of Innovative Thinking, and author of the Best Selling Book “The Social Media Bible” published by John Wiley & Sons, has been asked to participate in The USA Today Chief Executive Officer Panel, a high-profile advisory group of leading CEO’s throughout the nation.  These Top CEO’s are consulted in the development of content of feature stories scheduled to appear in the Money Section of USA Today.Read More…

Lon Finds Grave Of First Black Landowner In America

Lon actually found, deep in an overgrown forest of New England, the very first African American land owner ever in America!  It was a late autumn afternoon in upstate New York. The air was fresh and crisp, the sun was shining, and the leaves rustled under your feet while you walked.  It was Sunday, my chores where done, and I had an afternoon to explore the countryside. I always liked to explore in the fall. When the leaves have fallen from the trees, it was easier to see the clues of a society no longer with us in New York. The farmer.  If you are careful to look beyond the forest and beyond the tree, you might just see a fieldstone wall, or better yet, parallel fieldstone walls. This usually meant an abandoned road. If you look closely at the average age of the trees, you can often identify a strip of younger trees of less than 100 years old, winding it’s way through a forest of older stand trees of oak, maple, and ash…Lon’s book, “Gratuitous Serendipity” is available on Amazon where you can read all of Lon’s amazing stories or you can read the story here!

Lon Locates The Lost Dutchman Goldmine

Lon actually located the famous Lost Dutchman Gold Mine of Arizona!  This story begins nearly two hundred years ago, however; my story starts in 1994.  In the 1700’s there lived a soldier in the Spanish Armada named Peralta. He was a commander or Conquistador and explorer. His mission was to search the northern Spanish territories that is now the southwestern United States, for El Dorado, the City of Gold.  When Cortez conquered the Aztec nation, there were stories of gold throughout the kingdom.  Peralta was commissioned with the task of finding the source of this gold…Lon’s book, “Gratuitous Serendipity” is available on Amazon where you can read all of Lon’s amazing stories or you can read the story here!

Lon Links The Sinking Of The Titanic To El Nino

Lon announced, he my have discovered what he believes to be evidence linking the reoccurring weather event known as El Nino and the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic, on April 14, 1912, which resulted in the loss of more than 1,500 lives. The two biggest phenomenon of the 1997/1998 winter season collided today in what can be described as astonishing, El Nino and the Titanic.  The 1998 El Nino, which recently has been associated with severe storms and damage along the west coast of the United States and Mexico has been blamed for everything from beach erosion, to power outages,from disruption in telecommunications to air traffic delays, now has an additional legacy, the sinking of the Titanic….Lon’s book, “Gratuitous Serendipity” is available on Amazon where you can read all of Lon’s amazing stories or you can read the story here!

Lon Is Asked To Participate In A 10,000 Year Old LaCoda Ceremony

Here’s Lon’s story of how he particiated in a 10,000 year old Navaho sweat. As I backed my blazer from my driveway, it was still very dark. It was pre-dawn. I noticed that the air was cool with dew. I felt the moisture on my skin. I realized how unusual this was for the southwest. It was obvious that the summer months have waned and the cooler, more pleasant months of winter were close at hand.  I ventured out into that pre-dawn. night, as I calculated my journey from the Phoenix area to the heart of northern Arizona’s Navajo Nation’s reservation, or the Res as it is often referred to in the southwest. This journey was one that would encompass several hundred miles and place me in the the Res around 10:00 AM, if I hurried.  As I drove off into the night I wondered what was in store for me over the next eight to ten hours. Why was there so much mystery surrounding this Sweat? I continued to go over and over in my mind the little information that was shared with me the week before…Lon’s book, “Gratuitous Serendipity” is available on Amazon where you can read all of Lon’s amazing stories or you can read the story here!

Lon Joins The Cast Of The John Adam Show

john-adam-logo Lon is honored to become a member of the cast of The John Adam Show heard Fridays from 9:00 to 10:00 AM on KFNN Financial News Radio 1510 AM, Phoenix or anywhere worldwide on Internet radio.  Lon and John will be discussing social media,  the benefit to business, and Lon’s new book, The Social Media Bible!

 Lon Interviews CEO’s And Authors

Lon has created a series of podcasts for his new book “The Social Media Bible“, published by John Wiley & Sons; which can be found at www.TheSocialMediaBible.com.  These interviewsinclude: Evo Terra the author of “Podcasting For Dummies”, Alan Levy the CEO of “BlogTalkRadio”, Stephanie Bryant the author of “Videoblogging for Dummies”, David Nour, author “Relationship Economics”, Marc Canter, founder of MacroMedia and Broadband Mechanics, and Chris Schalk, Director of Google OpenSocial, and more.To hear these incredible interviews click here!

Lon Speaks For The Smithsonian Institution At The Society Of American Archivists

Society Of American Archivists Lon spoke to the Society of American Archivists at their 71st Annual Convention held in Chicago. Lon Safko had been chosen to represent the “American Inventor” in a presentation called “It’s More Than Just the Patent: Documenting Invention Records and The Makers and Players. Listen to the actual presentation Podcast format .mp3

Lon Inducted Into The Lemelson Center For The Study Of Invention & Innovation

The Lemelson Cnter For Innovation Logo More than 30,000 corporate records, video tapes, newspaper articles, design drawings, & photograph have been archived into the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention & Innovation in Washington, D.C. The Lemelson Center is part of the Smithsonian Institution,  Museum of American History. To see more about the Smithsonian Institution Acquisition, Click Here! For The Smithsonian complete catalog and history: Click Here

Lon’s 18 Inventions Added To The Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution Logo The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. has added eighteen of Lon Safko’s early inventions and over 30,000 corporate documents into its permanent collection.Read more..

 Lon Opens Virtual Store In Virtual World

Lon Safko At Second Life American Cancer Society Headquarters Paper Models Inc, announced today that it opened its first virtual store in a virtual world, selling its real world products in a virtual format to virtual citizens said Lon Safko, president and creator of Paper Models, Inc. For the complete story click here!PR Web Newswire Story.pdfRead more…

Lon’s 14 Inventions Archived In The Computer History Museum

The Cumputer History Museum Logo The Computer History Museum In Mountain View, CA has requested some of Lon’s other inventions and the SenSei System Software for its permanent collection. The SenSei System Software, conceived as a human interface between the early Apple Computer and disabled users, was a milestone in the development of the Smart Home.Read more..

Lon’s Patent Is Awarded Patent For Three-Dimensional Internet Advertising

United Airline 737 Paper Model After five years and $500,000 in legal fees, Lon Safko was awarded a patent for his unique marketing concept, Paper Models, Inc. This concept, which has been used by thousands of schoolchildren for class projects, can also be used by corporations.www.PaperModelsInc.com

Lon Writes The Social Media Bible

tsmb_sm The Social Media Bible published by John Wiley & Sons was released on May 4th.  The book has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm.  The Social Media Bibleat 844 pages is actually three books in one; Tactics, Guide, and Strategies.  For more information on The Social Media Bible, Click Here

Lon Has Been “Scoble-ized”!

Robert Scoble - Scoble-ize That’s right, the famous Microsoft blogger, Robert Scoble has “Scobleized” Lon in his recently PodTech interview “The Killer Business”. Lon and Robert met to discuss Lon’s recent patent, his development of V-E-Tailing, the Paper Models concept, and even a little about Lon’s development of the Assistive Technology Industry and his impact on the computer interface.Go To PodTech Interview..

Lon Publishes “Gratuitous Serendipity”

GS Front Cover “Gratuitous Serendipity” (Non-Fiction), is an intriguing compilation of seven actual accounts of events in my life that both changed my life and changed the world (just a little). “Gratuitous Serendipity” will leave you wondering, just how much each of us play in the role of creating and influencing history.Read More..

Lon Publishes “Life Is But A Dream”

LIBAD Front Cover “Life Is But A Dream” (Fiction), is an intriguing compilation of insights learned during my life as I rowed down my stream on my first 50 years of my journey. Each of these seven short stories is filled with compelling observations on the definition of ones’ individual reality. They are presented in different, interesting, and entertaining plots and are woven around unique perspectives of what your reality is or might be.Read More..

Lon Authors The Three C’s Of Innovative Thinking

Financial Times Prentice Hall Logo Here is my recent article on the “Three C’s Of Innovative Thinking” written for InformIt.com and provided courtesy of Financial Times Prentice Hall. This article will help you understand how to be more creative and a more Innovative thinker by showing you an actual process you can follow. How would you value the ability to better solve problems? Go to Financial Time to view the “Three C’s of Innovative Thinking” Now

Lon’s Company Is Recognized By The Arizona Republic Newspaper

Arizona Republic Newspaper On Lon Safko The Arizona Republic Newspaper Reports in the Business Section about The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. accepting 18 inventions and over 30,000 corporate documents into their permanent collection! Download Newspaper Article .pdf

Lon Included With Darwain, Wyeth, & Edison

Smithsonian Institution Prototype Magazine Logo The Smithsonian Institution’s Winter “Prototype” Magazine, features insights into great innovators such as Darwin, Weyth, and Edison. Also featured next to theses astounding individuals is the story of Lon Safko and his development of technology for the disabled. Prototype Magazine Winter 2006 and other Smithsonian Items.Download Smithsonian_Prototype_Magazin

Lon Is Guest On The John Adam Show

Lon was the guest on the John Adam Radio Talk Show discussing Lon’s process for “Innovative Thinking” and how to think more creatively. John Adam a seasoned professional with his long running talk show celebrated his first show with KFNN 1510, Phoenix on Friday.  To listen Lon and John exchange their high energy conversation about being more creative, click here!Also, be sure to stick around to hear John’s other exciting guests such as Dave Cooke, Doug Bruhnke, Joan Koerber-Walker,and Michael Gerber of the famed best selling book, The E-Myth

Lon Is Interviewed For “Ask The Expert”

Lon was interviewed for the podcast series, “Ask The Expert” by Paul Schmidt of Five Star Speakers in Kansas City on the subject of Social Media and how it will affect your business. Paul and Lon discuss everything from user generated content to wisdom of the crowds, from blogs to vlogs, and how affective this nearly zero cost marketing can be.  Lon says that all you need to be successful…  Is to use your creativity! To listen to this lively podcast conversation about Soical Media and how it will affect you and your company,Click Here!

Lon Speaks At 2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference

The Usual Suspects I was proud to speak at the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference held in Phoenix Arizona on November 8. The conference was amazing! Pat Sullivan (Act – Contact Management Software), and Marc Canter (Macromedia & Flash), made terrific presentations. For podcasts on all of the presentations, go to Grid7. For my panel presentation “Innovation As A Process”, Track 2, 2:15 PM, go to my Podcast section to download the MP3, or download it here!

Lon’s Writing A Book On Social Media Using Social Media!

Declaration Wow! We’ve launched the survey site that is the first design step in the creation of The World’s First Book On Social Media Using Social Media! I am proud to say that we have some outstanding people that have already agreed to participate in this history-making event. People like Chris Heuer, the Founder of The Social Media Clubs Worldwide, Robert Scoble, the Famous Microsoft Blogger and “Scoble-izer”, Pat Sullivan, the Creator of ACT Contact Management Software, and even Marc Canter, the Founder and Creator of Macromedia, and FLASH!

Lon Opens Paper Models Virtual Store In Virtual World

Lon Safko At American Cancer Society Memory Tree

Date Line: Pinastri, Second Life, October 20, 2007 Contact: Lon S. Safko, President, Paper Models, Inc., LonSafko@LonSafko.com Paper Models Inc, announced today that it opened its first virtual store in a virtual world, selling it’s real world products in a virtual format to virtual citizens said Lon Safko, president and creator of Paper Models, Inc. (www.PaperModelsInc.com).Read More…

It’s A Small World (Wide Web) After All

It’s A Small World Disney’s miniature, multi-ethnic, animatronics, were right! In my entire career in technology I don’t believe that I have ever experienced such an Alice in Wonderland day as I did this weekend. I bounced around cyberspace in and out of virtual reality, real reality, and around the globe until it almost became a blur.Read more…

Lon Is Contributor and Editor Two New Yahoo! Books On eCommerce

Yahoo! Books Launching Your Yahoo! Business – Linh Tang & Frank Fiore In partnership with Que Publishing & Yahoo!, Lon Safko has just completed the technical editing on two new books by Frank Fiore & Linh Tang. “Launching Your New Yahoo! Business” and “Succeeding At Your Yahoo! Business” is in bookstores now.Read more…

Lon Is – Inside The Entrepreneurs Studio

Inside The Entrepreneur Studio This is a collection of short video clips that will give you insights in the mind of an entrepreneur; from Venture Capital, to Beta Testing, from Getting a Steady Job, to Failure.Hear Interviews…

Lon Publishes: Build Your New House …In No Time

Build Your New House In No Time Book Lon’s nationally published book to address the largest new home building in history of U.S.

Que Publishing’s “Build Your New House …In No Time” By: Lon S. Safko

Read more…

Lon Is Now Available As Download

Lon Safko's Inexpensive Speakers Kit Download your FREE “Inexpensive Speaker’s Kit”. Are you looking for a professional speaker? Do you need a speaker that will breathe INNOVATION into your organization? Lon Safko is the one you need! But, are you looking for an inexpensive speaker? Remember, You Get What You Pay For! We can still help! Download your FREE, Three Dimensional Paper Model “Inexpensive Speaker Kit”!Read more…

Lon’s Grid7 Podcast On Innovation

Lon Publishes “Gratuitous Serendipity”

Grid 7 Podcast Logo From paper models to garden hoses to A.I. and now the Smithsonian, Lon has had an interesting career. He believes that anyone can train his/her mind to see opportunities and deficiencies and think like an Innovator using what he calls “The Three C’s.” Listen to this amazing interview as the latest episode of the Grid7 Venturecast series.Go To Grid 7.com– Hear it from Lon’s Podcast Page

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‘Why does the moon sometimes comes out in the day, but the sun never comes out at night.’

— Lon Safko

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Book Accolades

"The social media phenomenon is still ramping up and this book provides useful and timely business advice."
Vint Cerf, Father Of The Internet

Vint Cerf

"Lon is a serial technologist who really understands social media and is also blessed with the gift of being a great communicator. His book deftly takes you from "Social Media 101" all the way to PhD status in a format that is easy to browse, informative and powerful."
Tom Asher
Director Consumer Relations North America
Levi Strauss & Co

“Lon Safko and The Social Media Bible address the key questions – Why should I take part in Social Media? How should I take part? How do I reap the greatest benefits? – while also providing the push to take the next step.”
Jeff Hagen
Director, Consumer Services
General MIlls

General Mills Logo

"Effectively harnessing the power of social media is a top priority in corporate America.  “The Social Media Bible” with its informative and tactical approach, provides an easy-to-follow roadmap for how to do social media right."
Todd Simon
Senior Vice President
Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks Logo

"Social Media and Customer Care are rapidly coming together. This Second Edition is a must read for any professional who wants to stay on top of this rapidly changing topic. From the basics to long term Social Media  strategy, this is the only resource book to have on your desk."
Scott Ross
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
NCO Group

NCO Logo

What People Are Saying About Lon!

Amazon Book Reviews

Amazon Logo
Amazon 6 Stars

This book is an 800-pound guerilla when it comes to social media marketing. Four thumbs up!

By: Jeff Lippincott "www.Jlippin.com" (Princeton, NJ USA)

Great book! Loved it! It's huge and heavy and not particularly pricey. I found it to be well organized and well written. And it was certainly packed to the gills with content. There are 43 chapters split into three different sections: (1) Background basics & tactics, (2) Tools, & (3) Strategy. The chapters in the first part provide an introduction and framework regarding the book. The numerous chapters in the second part cover 100+ social media tools. And the last five or six chapters in the third part can help you do an audit of the social media marketing your company does (or doesn't do).

The book is comprehensive. I haven't seen a book that covers so much and in such depth on the topic of social media marketing (or Internet Marketing). There were a ton of "Expert Insights" sprinkled throughout the text that really made the book shine. And each chapter ended with three summaries: (1) Commandments, (2) Conclusion, & (3) Readings & Resources. Each were well done. In particular the Readings & Resources for each chapter were better than most books have at the end of an entire book. 6 stars!

PS. To see the chapter titles and how the book is specifically organized I encourage you to peek at the Search Inside feature Amazon offers for this book. With 43 chapters there are a lot of chapter titles to read.

Amazon 6 Stars
A Comprehensive Social Media Resource

By David J. Perdue "MINDSTORMS author" (St. Paul, MN)

Ask a hundred people what "social media" is, and you may get a hundred different definitions. Frankly, social media doesn't just connect people--it baffles them, too. The authors of "The Social Media Bible," however, have made a considerable attempt at creating a resource that helps readers gain an overall understanding of the social media "ecosystem" (to put it in the authors' terms) and how the social media phenomenon relates to business.

First, I think it's in order to discuss what this tome covers. Part I, Background Basics and Tactics, comprises the first 23 chapters. This section of the book defines social media, explains the different types of social media, and helps you understand why it's important. You get coverage here of everything from social networks to microblogging to virtual worlds. If you've read other books about social media, you may already be familiar with some of this content. If you're brand new to social media, you'll find it especially helpful.

Part II, Tools, comprises chapters 24-38 and revisits the different categories of social media, focusing on current popular tools. The authors discuss each tool, focusing on who should use them and why; you'll even find some more technical information in these chapters. Although I appreciated the broad look at all the different types of the social media, I felt that the sections could have gone into more detail. However, you could easily write an entire book on each type of social media presented, so the authors clearly had to limit coverage of each type of social media resource.

Part III, Strategy, includes the final chapters of 39-43 and offers some excellent advice on how to apply everything learned in the book. I appreciated the bits of advice spread throughout as well as the cohesive strategies presented. I especially found the chapter "The Four Pillars of Social Media Strategy" helpful, which discusses how a social media strategy should have goals of communication, collaboration, education, and entertainment.

Although some of the principles in this book will endure, much of the descriptions for current social media tools will quickly go out of date (as some already have). However, the author clearly recognized this and intended it to be a timely book. If you're new to the concept of social media and seeking how to apply social media to your business, the "Social Media Bible" is a great resource. If you're already familiar with using social media, you may find yourself skipping some of the basic information in the book. Overall, I believe there is wisdom for everyone to find in this useful guide--the kind of wisdom that will help you to give new life to your company's online marketing efforts in the social media world.

Amazon 6 Stars
From A to Z- it's all here!

By Mark Amtower "Mark Amtower, consultant, autho... (Highland, MD)

Lon Safko's 2nd edition of The Social Media Bible literally covers everything from A (apps) to Z (Zooomr) and everything in between. This is the most comprehensive book on social media available! If you currently use or plan to use social media in ANY form, I suggest you add this to your library TODAY!

Amazon 6 Stars
Good resource for business leaders wanting a greater understanding of social media

By Chris Ray

Rapidly advancing technology has produced new ways for individuals, groups, and businesses to communicate, collaborate, and market their products to consumers. Social media is leading the way in improving how business is conducted but many businesses and individuals are nervous about when and how to enter this new wave. In The Social Media Bible the author indicates the book is a comprehensive guide on social media intended to help readers increase revenues, profits, and competiveness in the marketplace. The book is divided into three main sections; part one, the background and basics of social media; part two, the plethora of social media tools available; and part three, developing a social media strategy. Within each of these sections the author provides the reader with the overall footprint of social media: its uses, platforms, and strategies currently employed by various companies. The book is well organized with each chapter providing definitions, examples of successful strategies, and multiple references that afford the reader a helpful guide should they continue their own research on the specific topic.

Clearly the freshness of the content of any book on social media is limited given the rapid pace of technological innovation in the social media universe. However, for the reader who needs a starting point for discovering the basics of utilizing social media strategically, The Social Media Bible is an excellent resource from which to begin. Furthermore, the author effectively communicates the necessity for business leaders to get in the social media race or risk becoming extinct. This is true for both businesses and the individual business worker. Social media holds promise for improving both the internal and external communication strategies of companies. The book outlines both how social media can improve productivity as well as penetrate new and existing markets more effectively. The chapters on the various social media tools available provide the reader an extensive list of platforms to research, explore, and choose from when considering how one medium might be a more effective choice depending on the reader's particular business environment.

The author could have improved the book by shortening the history and background section that contained too much basic information. In addition, for readers already active in utilizing social media tools in business it is doubtful they will discover any earth shattering new information in The Social Media Bible. However, for those just beginning to consider social media as part of their business strategy, the author does provide sufficient information readers will find helpful. Certainly there are companies and organizations that have yet to utilize social media as part of their overall business strategy. Readers who find themselves working for those companies will find the book to be effective in giving them an adequate knowledge base in social media that could be useful in educating their organizational leaders on the potential benefits of including social media in their business model. The book may also inspire some readers to launch new initiatives at their workplace or even to become entrepreneurs themselves.

Amazon 6 Stars
Book & Purchase experience review

By R. Freeman (Sharon, MA United States)

Great book. Really covers Social Media and related online marketing concepts (like SEO). Worth the price. And, the buying process was efficient, easy and painless. I would buy this all over again in a minute.

Amazon 6 Stars
Highly recommended for any business collection

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

The second updated edition of The Social Media Bible has been revised and updated with user feedback and content, and offers the latest techniques, platforms and technologies for understanding and effectively using social media marketing. Interviews with 50 experts accompany keys to winning in social media efforts in this fine survey, highly recommended for any business collection.

Amazon 6 Stars
If you need to know about Social Media - OWN THIS BOOK TODAY - Six Stars !!!!

By Richard Stoyeck "StocksAtBottom.com" (Westport, CT)

The BOTTOM LINE If you must know about social media (SM), this is the only book to get on the market RIGHT NOW. First of all it was copyrighted in September 2010. This material changes quickly and new books are being printed all the time. At this time this is the most current and best book on the market. If it involves the Internet, you do not want to order anything that is more than one year old. So my first tip is always look at the copyright date. Older than a year, it's no thank you.

The second tip is that you want something that you do not need to read from cover to cover, so the table of contents and the index is very important. The author went to a 1000 people involved with the Internet and asked them what do you need from a social media book. More than 66% couldn't define social media, while 99% recognized that SM would have a direct impact on their firm's bottom line. Based on their input, the author selected and developed the chapters, and the content.

The 723 page SM Bible is divided intelligently into 3 parts.

Part I TACTICS This runs from page 3 to page 447 and is contained in 15 chapters. This is where you will find out about podcasting, vlogs, blogs, followers, SEO, life casting, and flaming among others.

Part II TOOLS of the TRADE This section runs from pge 447 to page 675. Here you will find the results of 100 companies that the author interviewed including marketing providers, game platforms, and the software you will need, plus the apps, websites, text messaging, mobile insights, and e-mail.

Part III STRATEGY Here we have the Five Steps to Social Media Success. Each step gets a chapter, they are:

* Analyze your existing media
* The Social Media Trinity
* Integrate Strategies
* Resources
* Implement and Measure

If you need to learn more about social media, if you need to employ it for your business on whatever level, this is the book for you until the next new thing comes along. You have to be current, and stay current, and that means you do not want an old book. If you are a one person company or you have a thousand people in the company, at the moment there is no better source of information than this book. I heartily recommend it and thank you for reading this review.

Richard C. Stoyeck

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