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‘If you can’t make an important decision, decide to wait. You don’t have enough information.’

— Lon Safko


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Lon Takes Sri Lanka By Storm!

I just returned from my Asia / India tour and it was amazing.  Teaching executives in Bangkok, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Colombo, Sri Lanka Fusion Marketing was SO rewarding!  I arrived in Coolombo the day after Cyclone Roanu devastated the country and city.  several hundred last their lives, there was extensive flooding, and even landslides.  On a brighter note, on the way to the resort while driving through Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, my driver simply said “Billboard” and pointed out the window.  I didn’t realize what he meant until we were adjacent to it!  He meant “BILLBOARD!”  I was on the billboard in the capital of Sri Lanka!  How cool is that!

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The Social Media Bible Has Broken The $2m Retail Sales Mark!

Lon’s Amazon #1 best selling book, The Social Media Bible, Published by John WIley & Sons, now in its’ Third Edition and Five Languages has broken the $2million retail sales mark.  My 750 page business book on how to use social media is the only book ever to tackle the ENTIRE genre of social media marketing!  This isn’t Facebook for Dummies, or LikedIn for Idiots, or Twitter For Morons, this is everything you need to know including an entire section on my Five Part Strategy for implementation!

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Lon Presents For Tony Robbins Business Mastery!

Lon was honored when Chad Cooper of Team Tony with Tony Robbins asked Lon to present Fusion Marketing to their Business Mastery group recently.  This was a exciting and interactive exchange of ideas and resonated with the group.  To view this webinar, below is a special invitation.

A Special Invitation To View The Tony Robbins Webinar!

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Lon Teaches Two More Amazing Executive Classes In India!

Lon just had the opportunity to teach two more executive classes in India!  The first class was taught at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, now rated the third best business school in the world!  This is Lon’s 6th time teaching his Fusion Marketing Masterclass to India’s top executives from as far away as Sri Lanka and Oman.  Lon also had the honor of working with the top executives of one of India’s largest and fastest growing financial institution in India; Indiabulls in Mumbai. What an amazing experience!

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Lon Keynote At Marketing Rockstars To 2,000 Attendees In Austria!

Lon just returned from Europe where he spoke at the second annual Marketing Rockstars Festival in Graz, Austria where they had an attendance of nearly 2,000!  There were 60+ speakers from The New York Times, Starbucks, Yelp, Ben & Jerry’s, Google, Jägermeister, and many other famous international brands.  Really…  If you are into the very cutting edge of international marketing, the Marketing Rockstars Festival is where you want to be next May!

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Fusion Marketing Has Taken Georgia!

DeDe Gossage and Ron Simmons of the Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has designed the “Digital Marketing Boot Camp” which is based on my bestselling book, “The Fusion Marketing Bible”.   These full-day, interactive training sessions  have been specifically for small business owners who want to learn how to integrate technology and marketing in the digital space to increase profits and gain customers.  This amazing team of professionals has taught Fusion Marketing at in cities around the state to more than 900 small business owners!

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Lon Launches His World Tour!

My Q1 & Q2, 2015 world lecture tour will take me to such exotic places as Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, India, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, and finish in beautiful Graz, Austria.  I will be presenting Fusion Marketing, My PBS Television Special content, “Social Media & You… Communicating In A Digital World”, and going back to my roots, Innovative Thinking!  If any of my friends are from or near those locations, please let me know by selecting “Contact” from the menu and send me an email!  Let’s get together!

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Lon Returns From Teaching In India!

For his second trip around the world in six weeks, Lon went to Hyderabad, India to teach advanced marketing at The Indian School of Business.  There were 32 top executives from the entire region from Sri Lanka to Mumbai.  This was a three day excelerated  Master Class in Advanced Marketing, which included the latest in Traditional marketing, digital, media, and Lon’s new form of marketing, Fusion Marketing.  For more images and feedback on the class click here!

For a larger view of the class photo, just click the image!

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Lon’s Cartoon Explains Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working!

Watch Lon’s cartoon on YouTube that explains why your marketing simply isn’t working!If you have all but abandoned traditional media and have been focusing on social media marketing, maybe it isn’t WHAT you’re doing as much as it’s that using only one set of marketing tools isn’t enough.  Traditional marketing has worked for 100’s of years and now social media has made traditional marketing antiquated and ineffective.  Are you not seeing the ROI (Return on Investment) on all of your social media marketing? Check out this 3 minute cartoon! Click Here!

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Lon Returns From Asia Lecture & Book Tour!

Lon just returned from his 2nd world tour, which included Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, China, and Dubai in the Arab Emirates where he lectured to executives of some of the world’s largest corporations on traditional marketing, digital marketing, and of course, Fusion Marketing.  Lon said the most interesting part of this lecture tour was teaching “social media” to executives in a communist country (China)!  He went on to say that using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as examples were useless when all of these (western) social platforms are blocked in China.  He stated that he had to clarify; “This is what the rest of the world is using, but it works the same way!” in all of his presentations.  Web sites like Sina Weibo (Twitter-like) with 54m members, Renren (Facebook-like) with 54m members, Ozone (Facebook-like) with 629m members, and Weixen (WhatsApp-like), with 236m members carry a lot of marketing weight in China!  Also WhatsApp is crushing it in Asia!  It’s more popular than Facebook!

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Lon’s Public Television Special Premieres!

On March 6th, Lon’s Public Television Special “Social Media & You… Communicating In A Digital World” premiered on KAET PBS AZ Television with rave reviews!  This television special has been called “Historic Television”!

The television special premiered on PBS AZ KEAT, but for the first time ever, it previewed and broadcasted world wide on Facebook using the 22Social app.  This was the first time a traditional media television had been a pre-cast on the same night where it could be directly compared to Facebook, the new marketing; Social Media.  Lon and his team are currently developing a “game changing” industry white paper report that will directly compare and analyze the same exact content marketed on traditional media television and social media Facebook.

If you would like to receive a copy of this report, select “Get Access” from the top right corner of this page and you will be notified when it’s completed!  For more information on the PBS Television Special, click here!

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Lon’s Public Television Special Gets A Green Light!

KAET PBS Television digitally recorded Lon in the production of the world’s first television special on social media marketing.  The show is called “Social Media & You…  Communicating In A Digital World”.  This show was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the KAET Arizona PBS affiliate in the beautiful new ASU building, which also houses the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcasting.  This show has been called “historic television” as it is the first time anyone has told the story of the most disruptive technology we have seen in our lifetimes.  Lon is proud to have been given the privilege to tell that story!

March 6th Facebook Premiere at 8:00 PM MST and the Arizona KAET PBS Television Premiere at 10:30 PM MST.

Social Media & You…  Communicating In A Digital World Social media is much more than having a Facebook page and sending a few tweets. It is about understanding all of the available tools and knowing which ones to use and how to use them most effectively. It’s about understanding terms such as “the fundamental shift in power”, “link love”, “Google Juice” and “What the SEO advantages are to blogging?”. It’s about using QR codes and mobile marketing, “segmenting”, and “day parting” to achieve a 35% email conversion rate. It’s about in-game advertising, virtual worlds, and video marketing.  It’s a lot more than you ever thought! Join Public Television and Lon Safko, the author of the best-selling book The Social Media Bible and get a completely different perspective on the digital world of communication

This historic television special will premiere on PBS AZ KEAT on March 6th and will also be broadcasted on Facebook and G+!  More details to and teaser clips, click here!

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Tour in Italy!

Lon’s newest bestselling book, “The Fusion Marketing Bible” hit the streets today in English and Short and Long Form Chinese!  The Chinese said…

TFMB Long Chinese(Traditional or Long Form Chinese) or…

TFMB Short Chinese (Simplified or Short form Chinese), or…

“The Fusion Marketing Bible takes social media beyond its limits and shows you how to leverage all of your marketing without spending a yen more!”

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“The Fusion Marketing Bible” Sells Out At SXSW!

Lon’s bestselling book, The Fusion Marketing Bible, which hit #3 on Amazon, sold out of the SXSW (South By Southwest) bookstore during this year’s event as reported by publisher, McGraw Hill.  SXSW is annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, Texas that includes bands, films, and the most innovative marketing presentations of any event worldwide.  It was estimated that SXSW exceeded 25,000 attendees this year!

The Fusion Marketing Bible

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“The Social Media Bible” Nears $1,000,000 In Retail Sales!

Lon newest bestselling book, The Fusion Marketing Bible is now being translated in Chinese!  Lon’s previous bestseller, The Social Media Bible has been translated and distributed in four different languages and now TFMB is going to China!

Do books on digital media, social media, and free enterprise in China seem like an oxymoron to anyone else?

The Fusion Marketing Bible

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