Arizona, August 19, 2004


Looking North Up Q. C.

The First Four Peaks Seen From Q. C.


More Four Peaks Seen At Q. V.


Picket Post Mountain At The Q. C. Draw


Even More Four Peaks Seen


Whitlow Dam At Q. C. Draw


North Of Whitlow Dam At Q. C.


Weaver's Needle From Q. C.


More Four Peaks At Q. C.


Weaver's Needle Again (Center of Superstitions)


Q. C. Draw


4R 4t Mountain Cave In Top Hill


Cave In 4R 4t Mountain


4R 4tValley (Car Center Black Dot)


4R 4tValley With Picket Post Mountain On Left


What Do You See? (Look Hard)


First Stacked Stones (Trail Marker)


More Trail Markers


Follow The Markers!


Very Subtle, Hard To See.


Can You See The Course Change?


How About Now?


More Examples.


Subtle, But There.


More Markers!


Some Were Obvious.

------ Forwarded Message
From: Lon S. Safko <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 12:03:05 -0700
To: Eric K. <>
Subject: Re: Strange Conversation


Here’s something really strange I never told anyone about, no one. It happened at just after noon during my trip into Queen Valley last Friday.  Let me know what you think:

When I drove through Queen Valley, I noticed that all of the homes were nice, in good shape, and well maintained.  The golf course also looked well taken care of.

I was surprised at how many people lived in Queen Valley and how well they seemed to be doing.  I also realized that there was no store, no dry cleaners, no medical center, and that the closest services was wouldn’t be Superior, that town is dead. It would have to be Apache Junction.  But that’s 20 miles to the west.

I did find this one convenience mart with two gas pumps and no one around.  When I went in the shelves had nearly nothing and was dark.  I bought some water and left.  While I was sitting outside recuperating from my mountain climb, people did go in and out of the store.  They stared at me as if they knew I didn’t belong there.  No one said hello, smiled or showed me any friendly gesture whatsoever.

I finished my water and walked over to an old man sitting in his truck watching me for some time to ask why the people were so unsocial.  After we talk for a few moments, he seems to get a little friendlier to me so I thought it could be a good time to ask the personal question about his town.

I hinted around that I felt out of place here and wanted his opinion on whether it was just me, or was there a reason.  He clearly said that everyone knew I was an outsider and that I was being watched and would be until I left Queen Creek.

When I asked him why, there was a long pause, almost uncomfortable pause, when he answered that “I’d tell you but you wouldn’t believe me anyway.”

I told the old man that he had nothing to lose then, tell me and I’ll leave Queen Creek.  There was a long pause again while the old man slowly looked around his store.  He looked from one side to the other and moved his eyes back again slowly.  He raised his head looked right into my eyes and he said, “Have you ever heard of the Lost Dutchman Society?”  I quickly answered “No!  What is that?”  He then told me the following:

He said that Jacob Waltz actually had a second home there in Queen Creek in 1865.  He used it to get away from the fortune seekers of Phoenix when he left his home in downtown Phoenix.  He said that he would come there and sometimes spends weeks there and during that time, for a short while, Jacob Weiser stayed with him there.  He said the home was destroyed in 1869 when Phoenix got flooded because it was before they built the Whitlow Dam.  He said that that flood was the main reason they build the Whitlow dam so they could build homes and several ranches in the Queen Valley area.  People were afraid they would be washed away.

Of course Jacob Waltz never returned to what was left of his home because of his catching pneumonia and staying with Julia Thomas.  He said that just before JW’s death he did make friends with a guy who came into the area looking to start a mission or a church.  JW trusted this guy who Jacob just called JS and agreed to help him start his church.  JW felt as though he needed to give something back to society because of all of the riches that God had given to him and he knew he would never be able to ever spend it all.

JW gave this guy enough money to build his first church in Arizona, just east of Apache Junction.  This was around the 1865-1866 timeframe.  JW and JS got to be good friend even though JW never attended the church.  He said he just wasn’t a church going man, but he did believe in God.  How else would he have been so lucky to get the information to those mines?

JW & JS would meet once a month or so to exchange stories and JW would contribute saddlebags of gold to JS for his church.  They laughed about JW being call the Lost Dutchman.  JW was neither lost or a Dutchman.  He was German.  JS would teas JW by calling him the Lost Dutchman.

After the flood of 1869, JS and some of his other church people came to check on JW and found out about the flood and tree climbing incident in his home in Phoenix that left JW nearly dead.  JS, alone, rode to Phoenix and paid JW a visit at Julia Thomas’s home, so the story goes.  JW told him of something that he had left important in his home in Queen Valley.  Even Julia Thomas knew nothing about his QV home.  That was why JW was so often seen leaving Phoenix and riding towards the Superstitions.

JW sick with fever, told JS to go to his home in QV and retrieve these clay tablets.  JW had to fully trust JS at this point.  JW knew he was a man of God and who else could he trust.  JW could never have had the strength to ride from Phoenix to QV in his condition.  JS agreed.

When JS arrived at JW homes in QV, he found it destroyed by the flood.  JS knew what he needed to find, but couldn’t locate them himself.  The area was buried under feet of mud and silt.

JS rode back to Thomas’s house to speak again with JW.  JS told him what had happened to his home in QV and that if he was ever to find these tablets, he would have to gather a group of men that he could trust with his live to dig in what was left of JW home until they found them.

JW, knowing that he was dying, told JS everything about Peralta, and the fight in the bar in Sonora, and the maps!  The Peralta stones show the 18 of the richest gold mines ever discovered in the world.  JS was astonished and swore secrecy to JW and the Peralta gold.

The following day JS called a meeting at his church of 12 of the men that he trusted the most.  The 12 that helped JS found the church.  And, on the alter of that church, JS swore the 12 men to secrecy.  This was the beginning of the Lost Dutchman Society.

The 12 men set up camp in QV in the area where JW’s home once stood.  Week after week they would dig through the mud from sun up to sun down and one by one they found the all of stones.  They also kept their secrecy.

The 12 men and JS eventually found all of the 18 mines just as the stone proclaimed.  They were the richest mines ever found.  They were rich and they were secretive.

Then the old man stopped and became silent.  I prodded him several times to continue, but he remained silent and just looked down.  When I had waited a long while and was about to leave, the old man asked me if I wanted to hear the part I would never believe.  Of course I nearly yelled yes!

He said he would finish the story and asked that I just forget about the story and about QV.  He asked that I just leave and not come back to QV because what I was looking for was heavily protected and I would never even get close to it.  He knew why I was there!  He said that the people of QV were the direct descendents of the Lost Dutchman Society and the 12 men who labored in the desert to find JW’s tablets.  He said that no one need to work in QV because they received a portion of the gold and have been living on the investments made over the past 100 years.

He said the dividends from Pepsi, Safeway, and northwest sugar beets were enough to keep them, their children, and their children's children.  He said the Lost Dutchman Society is still part of JS’s church.  With all of that gold, the church continued to grow and actually founded the town it was in.  Because the area was slightly higher than the surrounding desert floor, they called this new town the Spanish word for table, or Mesa.  The church he founded was the second of his churches.  The first was in Utah, Salt Lake, Utah.  It was called the Church of Christ.  The old man said that JS stood for Joseph Smith and the church her founded in Mesa with JW’s help was of course the Mormon Temple.  He said that for nearly 100 years the Lost Dutchman Society mined the gold and sent it back to the parent church in Salt Lake.  That’s how the Church of Christ got to be so big and so strong.  It had the finances to do so.

The Mesa Temple wasn’t just a church, either is the Temple in Salt Lake.  It was actually a stronghold for gold storage first from the mines in QV, then to hold the main gold store.  Below the Temple in Salt Lake is stored the largest stockpile of pure gold, larger than any in the world. It’s even bigger than Fort Knox.  The Mormons have so much gold that the US government works directly with the Church of Christ to balance the gold supply to maintain the US and to some extent, the world economy.  Also in the stronghold below the Temple are the original Peralta Stones.  That’s why the originals were never found, only copies.  The copies were deliberately dropped in the desert to be found to direct people away fro the actual, protected area.

To this day the Church Of Christ has maintained the secret of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mines and the Peralta Stones.  That is why only a Bishop appointed by the church can enter the actual Temple in Salt Lake.  No one else must ever know the extent of gold they have or how it is stored.  All Bishops that are allowed to enter the Temple are either direct decedents of the Lost Dutchman Society or have been sworn into the society.

The old man became quiet, turned his head and looked out the passenger window for a while as if he was getting ready to dive off.  I waited silently because I had a hundred questions to ask him.  After a long while I broke the silence. All I could think to ask is what signs are there that any of this is true today?

He turned his head back towards me and said, "The legend of the Peralta Stones lives on. It is the basis of their church. When you ask today about the earliest history of the church, you'll hear a story about how the church was founded because of the Gold Tablets that Joseph Smith found. It isn't that the tablets were made of gold, it was the Gold, Tablets. The tablets or stones that led to the gold that enabled JS to build his churches and to build his religion. It was the Gold Tablets."

He then raised his head, looked directly at me and asked, “What is the full name of the church?  The full name Joseph Smith’s church?”

I answered, “The Church Of Christ, I don’t know?”  He quickly answered “Yes, the Church Of Christ, AND LDS!”  What does the LDS really stand for?” he asked.

I answered “Latter Day Saints?”  He snapped back “No!”  Haven’t you heard anything I've been telling you?  LDS does NOT stand for Latter Day Saints!  It stands for Lost Dutchman Society!”

With that he started his truck, put it in drive and drove out of the convenient store parking.  I just stood there for a while looking around and slowly walk over to my car.  As I drove out of Queen Creek I thought about the story the old man just told me.  I thought about all of the books I read on the Lost Dutchman and about Jacob Waltz, and I realized that for once all of the puzzle pieces finally fit together.

As I drove through the south end of town and back out into the desert to start me drive home, I watched as all of the residents of QV watched me.  The golfer stopped and looked, the groundskeepers stopped what they were working in and stared. Even the people in cars I passed, slowed and stared at me as I drove out of town.

It all became so clear.  This is why no one was ever allowed to find the mines.  To this day as it was 140 years ago the Dutchman Gold is protected by the LDS.


------ End of Forwarded Message


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